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Pet information and common conditions

(This is a continual work in progress- I will keep updating it as time permits)

External Pet Health Information - a general pet health information site

Diabetes in cats and dogs

The future of vaccination in the UK

Travelling abroad

The rules for pet travelling are changing

Bringing pets into the UK after 1st January 2012

Fireworks and stress

Fleas and worms

Rabbits Myxomatosis and VHD

Vomiting and Diarrhoea


Heat stroke

Whelping and kittening

Behavioural problems - this is a vast area - their will be no one definitive answer or site - but this is quite a good place too start



Dental health



Kidney disease in cats

Heart disease  in dogs

Legally speaking (including Pit Bull info) 

If it should be

TheRalphSite - pet loss support


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