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The best care for your best friend

Chris Burch - the owner of the practice (for all his sins). Chris has 3 children, one of which has left for university, 3 dogs (though I keep telling my wife that one is hers!), and 2 cats, with 19 legs between them. He's also a keen aeromodeller, and is learning to ride a motorbike.

Nicola has been with the practice through several of its incarnations, from Longley's to Longley and Burch and finally to Burch Tree Vets. She is a keen horse rider, an accomplished flute player, playing in an orchestra, and has 2 cats and a very productive vegetable garden.
Nichola Gibson
Nichola Morris. Nicola is the practice manager, and deals with the day to day running of the practice. She is a very busy mum, caring for her 3 young children, juggling the demands of family and work. She enjoys ...
Kelly Towers. Kelly is our head nurse.

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