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We all know its not just about the price, it's about everything else that goes with it. But we also know that pet owners need to know how much something is likely to cost. The prices below are exact in some cases, but just a guide in others because we sometimes don't know how long something will take, or exactly how much stuff we will use for any one particular procedure.

If you have any concerns about price, please feel free to discuss it with any member of staff. Note that as prices are subject to change, you should look upon these as a guide - if you wish to check that these prices are up to date, then please call one of our branches. Also note that all prices are VAT inclusive. For more information, just call us, or fill in the online form.

Consultations £33 - £14.70

Vaccinations - varies, depending on whether a cat or dog, and which specific vaccine they need, and whether you want the protection against kennel cough, and so on. Generally between £20 and £33 though for boosters. These do include a full check up by our fully qualified veterinary surgeons. Ask us about our free screening clinics run by the nurses when you come for you vaccinations too.

For our great puppy and kitten vaccinations go here

Microchipping £13.50

Neutering Dogs - depends on weight - as a guide £135 - £280 - for a more accurate estimate pop in and get your dog weighed.

Cats £69 for speying, £37 for castrating

Dentistry - very very variable - as a very rough guide, from £150 for cats, and from £200 for dogs

Surgical procedures - Orthopaedic work generally starts at £500, but for al other surgery we need to have a specific discussion.

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